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Yoga Stretches for Flexibility


Yoga Stretches for FlexibilityStill not getting the results you want from your exercise routine? Blame tight muscles, when one muscle group, like your quads, is stiff, that prevents others, like your glutes, from working correctly. End result: compromised performance (and calorie-burning ability), not to mention an increased risk of injury due to lack of flexibility.
Old-school static stretches, where you bend and hold for what seems like an eternity, aren't the most effective approach to increase your flexibility. The "Stretch and Fire" method, has been proven to give better results. Based on a principle called Active-Isolated Technique, it involves contracting one muscle group while stretching the other. This triggers a muscular reflex that will increase your range of motion and flexibility.
Try these yoga stretches after your regular cardio or strength workout (aim to do them five times a week). You'll see improvement to your flexibility in as little as two weeks and gains in both your strength and endurance in less than one month.